Project meetings

TURKEY (17 – 21 October 2011)

Our painters
Our Historical areas

SLOVAKIA (12-16 December 2011)

Our Musicians
Our palaces
Final product – Booklet – Our musiciansOur palaces

HUNGARY (26-30 March 2012)

Our famous people
Our architectural works

FRANCE (7-11 May 2012)

A human of from our history
A museum of from our culture

 (4-8 June 2012)

Folk traditions, legends of the country,
The most important events in the history of the country.

ITALY(22-26 October 2012)

Our architects
Our historical buldings

SPAIN (4-8 February 2013)

People of our century
Our historical sites

GERMANY (18-22 March 2013)

Our philosophers
Our philosophical Works

GREECE (6-10 May 2013)

Our poems
Architectural works-Bridges

POLAND (3-8 June 2013)

Our writers
Our modern cities